Sage 300cloud

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Do you want to improve efficiency and effectiveness within your company? Whether in the financial, distribution, manufacturing or retail sectors, the powerful tools of Sage 300cloud offers you the flexibility to choose bundled offers for financial modules only or including distribution modules, in cloud mode (web version) or in standard installation on your server.

Financial Management Features

  • Multi-company management with powerful tools for the personalized formatting of your financial statements, financial indicators giving you the right information at all times;

  • Maintenance of an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates, automatic update of daily exchange rates, automation of gains or losses on exchange rates according to fluctuations;

  • Management of multiple bank accounts, simplified and fast bank reconciliation thanks to the import of transactions from your bank statements (OFX);

  • Centralized tax management by company;

  • Recurring billing and management of the withholding of payment on contract (applicable to both customer accounts and supplier accounts);

  • Consolidation and inter-company transaction tools, security by company, by specific rights by module, by group and by user;

  • Billing by item or summary, management of national customer accounts;

  • And more!

Inventory Management Features

  • Inventory control tools allowing you to dispatch your orders at the right time and from different warehouses, electronic data interchange (EDI), such as order form, purchase order, invoice, shipment, etc.

  • Return Management Authorization (RMA)

  • Full supply chain, requisition, purchase order, receipt, accruals and billing.

  • Payment processing on credit card orders

  • And more !

Other Strategic Management Tools

  • Service management

  • Budgets by project and by task

  • Timesheets

  • Full Canadian (and American) payroll, adapted for Quebec and other provinces.

  • Human Resources Management, Talent Management, Training, Recruitment

  • Business intelligence (BI) tools

  • Process and alert management

  • Adding custom fields and customizing screens to facilitate the use and training of your employees, without the need for a programmer!